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What our customers say

The quality of the job is fantastic, and the speed at which they were able to complete the job was crazy fast! The owner and workers are very polite. The price is somewhat steep from discussions with other friend that have had similar jobs, but it was worth it. My only issue was they trampled several flowers that were several feet from the project...they could have been a bit more cautious about the placement of the wood they used to frame.
Alison G.

The project went well, and Dibucci was the only company to respond to my calls.  Furthermore, they did quality a job and charged a fair price.  The only issue was that it took them a while to come out and actually perform the work.
Marcia M.

Another fabulous DiBucci project! Our wall looks awesome thanks to you. Homeowner projects are always worrisome and even more so as we get older. Manny and I couldn't be happier with the beautiful wall - and you. You're the best, the absolute best!
Carole G.

They did a good job and I was very pleased with them. They came out and explained everything to me and then they came out and did a very good job. I remember them being a little bit expensive. I will use them in the future.
Richard K.

They were very professional and very knowledgeable. When I asked about something special for the sidewalk nearest the street, they recommended something that worked out very well that didn't cost much extra. We would definitely use them for more work in the future.
Marcia M.

Diane S.

It was a difficult job because of our location (44 steps up from the street). They were professional, cleaned up after the job and did, really, perfect work. We couldn't be more pleased.
John O.

We really love our new garage and appreciate how difficult it must have been given the narrow alley, excavation necessary, congested neighborhood, city requirements and city inspections. We got two comments from passersby and dog walkers: 1. What a great job the builders did and 2. How much did that cost? We are very happy with the results, and it was worth every penny!
June E.

DiBucci was a pleasure to deal with, from providing a prompt quote to finishing the work. The quote was at the low end of the bids I received, even considering the extra work for the aggregate surface that others didn't offer. We chose DiBucci because you can see their quality work around Pittsburgh. The work was performed very quickly once they started, and they cleaned up all of the debris when they were finished. Rick DiBucci was available to answer all of my questions, and the crew that performed the work was courteous. We are very pleased with how the sidewalk turned out, and would definitely call DiBucci again for future projects.
Daniel F.

It did take a while to get it scheduled. But the job was perfect - you can't tell which stone was replaced! Moreover, I had asked them how much it would cost to do some patchwork that was screwed up by a previous contractor, and they patched it at no extra cost.
Anthiony G.

I would only use DiBucci for any concrete work on my historic home. The aggregate driveway they installed is not only stunning, but it addressed the previous issues we had with water in our basement, as it now drains perfectly. Every time it rains heavily, we marvel at the way the water immediately moves towards the drain and away from our house. The brick wall DiBucci created was worthy of a decorative fence on top, that makes our property look like it belongs in Architectural Digest. When we wanted to enlarge our back flagstone patio, Rick’s design sense convinced us to extend the stone out over an existing wall, giving the space an infinity-like appearance. And, Fred’s talent in matching old grout makes it impossible to notice any patches on our brick. Using any other company would be a mistake.
Barbara H.

They were very professional. They gave a similar estimate to the other contractors. It wasn't super-cheap or super-expensive. They had suggestions to make sure the construction would be cost-effective. They wanted to give us options.
Amanda P.

We were very happy with everything.
Wesley H.

My experience with them has been fantastic. The quality of the work that was done will stand the test of time. I know that for a fact because my backyard has 20 year old concrete work done by them that is in great shape. They tend to be on the pricier side, but you can't find better workmanship. The price that they quoted me was great, and he came in cheaper than the other guys, and he does much better work. They stayed ahead of schedule and stood by their work. I wouldn't trust anyone else but this company to do any work like this. I will continue to use this company in the future.
Noah T.

When Ii called summer of 2012, Rick was very responsive but warned me that they were backed up. As it turned out the weather prevented them from doing the job until March 2013. He replaced our front stoop. It had been brick and mortor but had sunken so much it was dangerous . They replaced the stoop with poured concrete that matched the existing sidewalk perfectly which is approximately 40 years old. He also graded the walkway and stoop slightly to make water roll away from the house. The job turned out better than we had hoped for!
Bernadette S.

We want to thank you very much, and it was a fine job that you guys did for us! And again, thank you we appreciate it.
Cindy P.